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Employment Verification: A Crucial Check 2020

Employment VerificationLooking into a candidate’s Employment Verification past work history can reveal insight into their job stability and loyalty to an employer.

Employers should compare what a candidate claims on their resume with the actual information reported by a background screening company.

Employment Verification can confirm:

  • Job start and end dates
  • Titles held
  • Salary
  • Job duties
  • The reason for termination (in some states) and rehire eligibility

Conducting a Verification
First, employers must obtain permission from a candidate before conducting an employment verification. Candidates can deny permission to contact a previous employer, but they can still be asked to provide documentation such as a paystub, W-2 or other tax document to prove their employment.

The same is true when an employer cannot be reached, such as those that are no longer in business. Background screening companies verify previous Employment Verification based on its clients guidelines.

Some clients prefer that five years of Employment Verification history is verified, while others prefer that the last two employers are verified. Your organization should determine what is reasonable for your industry.

Why This Check is Important
Some candidates may have gaps in their Employment Verification history for a variety of reasons.

These reasons can include maternity leave, pursuit of their own small business, returning to school or incarceration.

Some candidates may want to cover these gaps by extending their previous job’s start and end dates.

Some candidates may also falsify higher titles to leverage higher pay.

The 2015  Report showed that 86 percent of respondents indicated that verifying employment revealed candidates who lied on their resumes or applications.

Conducting employment verification can provide valuable background about a potential employee’s work habits, attitude and integrity.

With the economy rapidly gaining steam, employers are finding an increasingly competitive job market.

Conducting employment verification an effective and accurate component in facilitating the integrity of your employee base.

Working with a leading background screening provider can help employers vet candidates that match the employer’s required work experience for the position.

What you need for the service

a. The full names of the individual you are doing a search on

b. The person’s current address

c. Date of birth

d. A copy of the ID or driving license of the person in question

e. Social security number

It is recommended that you the person’s permission before performing a criminal record search on them.

Advantages of performing a criminal record search by hiring companies

i. Assures the company that their families, tenants, assets, employees, and business is safe from murderers, thieves, and rapists

ii. Gives the employer an upper hand because they what kind of a person they are dealing with

Information found from this search

Instant nationwide criminal record search offers you all the criminal history of individuals from when they were 18 years and above. Once you place your command, you get an instant detailed criminal report of the person in question. The history you get will include information on;

• Any arrest history

• Records of sexual offenses

• Confinement records

Why you should use the service of the websites over visiting police stations

A lot of websites offer this service, and if you look at the option of using them compared to police stations, you will realize that websites are the cheapest to use for the following reasons;

i. You can get your search results instantly

ii. You do not have to move from one place to another to look for files

iii. The search will only cost you a one time fee after which you will perform as many searches as possible

iv. You can search for the criminal records anonymously

v. You can get comprehensive nationwide results within a few minutes

In conclusion, a nationwide instant criminal search is important not only for ensuring that you are safe but for making informed decisions. In your journey to hire employees, you will want to hire individuals who have clean criminal records so that you won’t be a problem at any point. completebacklgroundscreening.net is among the websites that offer these services and the best option you got.

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