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How Long Does an Employee Background Check Take? 2020

Employee Background CheckIf there’s one question that can make an expert in employment background checks squirm a little, it’s likely this one: How long will the Employee Background Check take?

That’s because the answer is, like many things related to background checks such as cost and scope: it depends.

The reason for such a wide variation in the timeline of the check is that there is a wide variation in the specific elements that make up the background check.

But generally speaking, a typical check usually takes two to four business days barring any unforeseen circumstances or other complications.

That said, some aspects of the process can take longer, depending on individual circumstances.

Here are some examples of the variations and how they might impact the timing:

  • Credit check
  • Employment verification
  • Academic/educational verification
  • Professional qualifications verification
  • Global watch list checks
  • Criminal checks
  • Motor vehicle records

Employee Background Check

While there really isn’t any way to make it go faster, since there are so elements out of the candidate and the screening provider’s control, there are things that can slow it down.

Employment screening has become a very crucial element in the hiring process. In many sectors of employment today, employers conduct employment screening to potential employees who are up for job vacancies and promotions. There are different employment screening packages depending on the specific needs of the employer or the hiring company in general. Sectors such as finance, security, and banking have set some screening standards which are vital for all new employees who are hired to work in these sectors.

The employment screening packages are meant to ensure that the employees are screened to the specific requirements of the job they are being hired to do and to suit the standards of the company. These packages provide a variety of checks to ensure that employers have the maximum confidence that they are hiring the most suitable applicants for the positions required. As an employer, you are required to select the checks you want to be included in your screening package to make it fit for your business or your company. After selecting the checks you want for your specific package, you get a quote for the screening package to ensure accountability and efficiency.

Examples of Employee Background Check packages

Some of the employment background screening packages offered to meet the set industry standards are such as Airside pass, BS7858, CQC, FCA, BPSS, PCI DSS, among others. The different packages have different prices depending on their specific checks. The turnaround time for all the Employee Background Check packages is ten working days.

Selecting an Employee Background Check package

When hiring new employees, it is tempting to run many background checks, which might not be necessary and will only make you waste precious time. Running unnecessary screening makes the hiring process tedious and longer than it is meant to be, and it also costs a lot, which is a waste of resources. To avoid wastage of time and resources, it is advisable to do employment screening for background checks which are specific for a certain type of job.

When determining which Employee Background Check packages are good for certain employment, it is important to have knowledge of the background checks that there are as well as those that are available. Some of the employment screening packages that there are such as; financial history, education and employment verification, substance abuse, identity checks, criminal searches as well as professional license verification. These packages are determined by the employer’s needs.

Determining which Employee Background Check packages and checks are necessary

In order to determine the best employment screening package, it is vital to create a background check policy. The aim of the background check policy is to reduce the hiring bias to make the hiring decisions as fair and as consistent as they should be. If there are any catalog requirements for specific jobs, these Employee Background Check packages are perfect for determining them. Positions that have access to secure information and finances will require an employment screening package to help in immediate hire or no-hire decision.

The different Employee Background Check recommended for basic level employment are identity verification, sex offender search, and National Criminal Database. These packages can be customized to ensure risk on the employer’s side is very minimal.